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Erena Bramos

She is Educational Director and Co-Founder of Core Energetics Greece and formerly Director of Education at the New York Institute for Core Energetics. She has been psychotherapist in private practice for over thirty years.  Interested in the exploration of Non-Dual Consciousness in the realm of psychotherapy. She teaches therapists at the Institute for Transformational training in New York, which she has co–founded and directs. She also teaches at Core Brasilia, in Brazil.


Gyasi Bramos Hantman

B.A Psychology, LMSW, CEEP

Gyasi serves as the associate Director of Core Energetics Greece. He has worked in organizational development in the not for profit sector for over 15 years, serving men and women with severe mental health conditions. He has a private practice in Athens Greece and facilitates workshops throughout Europe. His experience includes addiction & recovery work, men's development, and is co-leading the Transformational Training program in Greece. 

Charles Corley


He has a full-time private practice as a Core Energetics Therapist, working with individuals, couples and families. Charlie is a senior faculty member of the Institute of Core Energetics and teaches internationally. He has 27 years of experience facilitating groups in areas including substances abuse and actor support, as well as men's and adolescents' group. 

Ivan Sebastiani

Philosopher, Counselor,
Certified Core Energetics Practitioner

Having graduated with John Pierrakos. He is the co-director of the Italian Institute of Core Energetics where he teaches since 2005. He is also on the Faculty of Assocore. He has a private practice in Rome and Turin, leading individual couples and group sessions, besides supervisions.


Anna Timmermans

Anna Timmermans is founder, owner and director of the Netherlands
Institute of Core Energetics (NICE). Since 1982 she is a methods
teacher and has her own practice. The European Association of
Psychotherapy certifies Anna. She followed the Bio Energetics
Analysis training and is trained in Core Energetics by John Pierrakos.
She is co-owner of Cordium, center for growth and development in
Nijmegen. Anna teaches also in Mexico, Italy and Poland. Her passion
is to train Core Energetic therapists and to develop Core Energetics as
an autonomous method of Body Psycho-Therapy in the Netherlands.


Ala Konopko-Ulanecki

Ala is a one of the directors of Core Energetics Institute in Poland. She has been involved with Core Energetics for about 25 years as a therapist, teacher and supervisor. Ala finished her training in New York, working closely with John Pierrakos. She teaches in Polish, Italian and Greek Core Energetics Institutes. Ala’s passion is working with women, helping them to brake stereotypes, find their leadership and stand in their true power as the world needs them today. 

dirk photo.jpeg

Dirk Marivoet

Dirk Marivoet is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Belgium. A psychotherapist-supervisor  in private practice for over 30 years,he works with individuals and groups. . He is staff member of NICE (Training institute of CoreEnergetics in the Netherlands), the International Institute for Pelvic-Heart Integration and guest teacher at several other institutes Worldwide. He has served on the psychiatry faculty for over 10 years at the University of Leuven. Dirk enjoys helping both men and women in finding their own identity and ways of relating.


Warren Moe, MS, CEEP, LMHC

Warren has been a teacher and practitioner of somatic centered modalities for nearly 25 years. Traditionally trained as a clinical psychologist, he transitioned his interest into somatic therapy in his thirties influenced by Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, Eva and John Pierrakos and the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Maurice Nicoll and Jeanne De Salzmann. He has maintained a diverse practice in NYC, and both teaches internationally and facilitates workshops. Being passionate about the work he assists clients and groups to experience themselves more completely and authentically in their everyday lives. The basis of his work has been the consciousness and spirituality of Core Energetics principles, and he brings the fullness of his personal and professional experience to his colleagues, clients, and students. He provides a deeply grounded and heart-centered perspective.


Doug Wirth, MSW, AACEP, EMM

Doug Wirth brings master’s level social work (MSW), advanced Core Energetics (ACCEP) and Exceptional Marriage/Relationships Mentor (EMM) training into his teaching.  Doug is a faculty member of the Institute of Core Energetics in New York, a guest presenter at colleges from New York to Portland, and a former American Psychological Association senior faculty member.  Doug has led or co-led trainings across the United States and in Europe.  Besides therapeutic work with individuals, groups and couples, Doug's passions include photography that has been featured in galleries and healing centers across the US, and which was also the focus of his 2009 book Flowering Stories:  Tending to What Nature Nurtures.


Kuno Bachbauer, MS, LMFT

I graduated from University of Vienna Medical School in 1978.  Unsatisfied with the scope of traditional medicine, I soon focused on exploring various personal growth methods that included the body, emotions, and spirituality.  I am working as a holistic psychotherapist in the Washington, DC area. As a Senior Faculty of Core Energetics, I specialize in the understanding of the “Mind-Body Connection” and Psychosomatics. I have been teaching students in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. I aspire to be an innovative, creative, and dynamic teacher that can lead students to their “next level”.

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