The Institute

The Institute of Core Energetics Greece
is founded on the understanding that human beings can live full and productive lives experiencing abundance, joy, and
connectedness with the Universe, only
when they let go of all misconceptions
about themselves and life and surrender
to the reality of who they are… an ever
expanding, non-destructible, enormously
creative energy and consciousness.

The mission of the Institute is dedicated to the education of professionals and the healing of all people who are interested in living authentic lives. It is further committed to promoting the idea that in order to give life our best, individually and collectively, we have to stop focusing on what makes each of us different and accept our common humanness and the exciting possibilities which emerge when we recognize that we are each other's mirror; when we dare to stretch and develop an identity which has, at its core, the realization that we each, are citizens of the world.
To this purpose, the Institute offers training programs and classes in consciousness development. It also offers lectures and other opportunities for in-depth exploration of issues related to the expansion of consciousness and its place in planetary transformation.

4 Year Certification Program

  • Core Energetics Workshop: Living Life Fully
    Core Energetics Workshop: Living Life Fully
    Dolphin Hotel Resort & Conference
    Oct 29, 3:00 PM – Oct 31, 1:00 PM
    Dolphin Hotel Resort & Conference, Agii Apostoli 190 17, Greece