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The Institute

The Institute is founded on the understanding that human beings can live full and productive lives experiencing abundance, joy and connectedness with the Universe, only when they let go of all misconceptions about themselves and life and surrender to the reality of who they truly are… an ever expanding, non-destructive, enormously creative energy and consciousness.

The Institute of Core Energetics Greece is dedicated to the education of professionals and the healing of all people who are interested in living authentic lives. With training centers in the Americas, Europe and Australia, Core Energetics is also available in Greece since 2013. The Institute of Core Energetics Greece, appeals to professionals in the fields of Mental Health, Social and Human sciences, as well as to anyone involved in the arts, education and therapy. It also offers programs and other services to people interested in deepening their own personal development.


The Institute offers certified training programs in the Core Energetics modality. These include a 4-year professional training program, a post-graduate training program, a personal development/transformation training program, as well as lectures and seminars. The graduates of the 4-year professional training program can work and give individual Core Energetics sessions.

4 Year Certification Program

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